Colostomy Grab Bag of Fun

Colostomy Grab Bag of Fun - 120:07 minutes (109.97 MB)

special edition of the bag tonight as we finally venture into that part 2 of my jailcell hell review and what not, might even have an old friend stop by and spin some shit too....

Colostomy Grab Bag of Fun

Colostomy Grab Bag of Fun - 120:07 minutes (109.97 MB)

7 years off of parole / fuck cops show!!

hate jail and cops and parole and authority as much as myself?

well tune in later tonight from 9 to 11pm on kaos radio and i will
dive into that strange bed fellow that most americans are familiar with at one point in their life or another, FUCKIN' INCARCERATION!!!
songs about cops, prison, getting thrown in jail, breaking out of jail, probation/parole and many other anti-authority anthems will be ventured in
this part one of two "i'm off of paper" aural shitstorm's i call a radio show.....

tune in and i'll tell you how to light a cigarette using a pencil and toilet paper!
you can listen at and/or 95.9fm here in town

Dreamers of the Day

Black Bedtime Stories - 120:02 minutes (109.9 MB)

Those who dream by night wake in the day to find that all was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes, and make it possible.

T. E. Lawrence
(Lawrence of Arabia)
from The Seven Pillars of Wisdom

Retina of the Mind's Eye

Retina of the Mind's Eye - 119:44 minutes (109.62 MB)

The battle for the hearts and minds of the world will be fought in the video arena.

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