In The Last Throws Of Resistance playlist for 09/26/2008

Parasyticblack bloodHymn
Parasyticsudden endHymn
ReactBraving the Storm
ReactThe New Breed
BlatzFuck Shit Up
Word SaladWelcome to the 3rd World
Word SaladPreverting my Retardation
Word SaladThe Pills
CrucifucksDemocracy Spawns a Bad Taste
CrucifucksGo Bancrupt and Die
AntischismSalvation or AnnnihilationAll their Money Stinks Of Death
AntischismFlesh of AnotherAll their Money Stinks Of Death
AntischismPurple HazeAll their Money Stinks Of Death
Dayglo AbortionsWake Up America
NauseaRight to Live
NauseaBlood & Circus
From Ashes Risehigh on the media fixSilence LP
From Ashes Risethe face of povertySilence LP
Extreem Noise TerrorMurderAre you Really That Desperate
Extreem Noise TerrorRaping the EarthAre you Really That Desperate
Extreem Noise TerrorPunk Fact Or FactionAre you Really That Desperate
Terminal DisgustA call to armsThe Price Of War
Terminal DisgustAmericaThe Price Of War
DoomCirclesPolice Bastard
DoomMeans To An EndPolice Bastard
Weezerwe'er on drugs
OjorojoNever Repent
Cluster Bomb UnitParties In Villas
Cluster Bomb UnitWie Lange Noch?
Cluster Bomb UnitDas Grobe Spiel
Condemnend UntiC. U.
Condemnend UntiBomb The Embassy
Witch HuntLegislative Bodies Legislating BodiesAs Priorities Decay
Witch HuntSugarcoated Yet It Festers InsideAs Priorities Decay
ungovern-mentalThe End Of Supremecy
ungovern-mentalNuclear Disaster
ungovern-mentalFool's War
SchwartzeneggarGoodbye To All ThatGoodbye To All That
SchwartzeneggarSad LifeArt XX Craft / Sad Life
Bread And WaterRememberFuture Memories
Bread And WaterCash For HousesFuture Memories
Bread And WaterNo CompromiseFuture Memories
CrimpshrineBricksSleep, What's That?
CrimpshrineSleep, What's That?Sleep, What's That?
BoycottMr Macho
BoycottOne Size Fits All
BoycottLost In A Crowd
BoycottClouds Of Death
The FartzIs This The WayThe Fartz
The FartzJudgement DayThe Fartz
The FartzPeople UnitedThe Fartz
The FartzPolice Force
The FartzResisance

Die capitalism die show.
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