In The Last Throws Of Resistance playlist for 08/29/2008

Spazm 151What Happened13th Floor Records
Spazm 151capricious minds13th Floor Records
Spazm 151Smart bomb13th Floor Records
Spazm 151Skeleton Key13th Floor Records
Sharon Tates BabyBored StiffMars Needs Women & other Big Hits
Sharon Tates BabyDrugs will kill meMars Needs Women & other Big Hits
Sharon Tates Babymodern youthMars Needs Women & other Big Hits
ReactEconomy Almighty13th Floor Records
ReactEscalate to Riot13th Floor Records
ReactLogical Antithesis Of Faith13th Floor Records
ReactJames 1:5113th Floor Records
ReactBlack And White?13th Floor Records
PissPoorBoy Angry
PissPoorRitual Of Mutilation
PissPoorSuzy Homemaker
PissPoorPatriotic Dick
KillroySay it with SoulBelieve in the Ruins
KillroyLast ResortBelieve in the Ruins
KillroyBelieve in the RuinsBelieve in the Ruins
Negative TrendMercenariesWe Don't Play We Riot
Negative TrendMeathouseWe Don't Play We Riot
Negative TrendBlack & RedWe Don't Play We Riot
Negative TrendHow Ya feelin?We Don't Play We Riot
The Motardsthe eastern sideMotards / fuckemos splitLittle Deputy Records
The Motardsthe cavityMotards / fuckemos splitLittle Deputy Records
Billy BraggOld Clash Fan Fight Song
MisfitsDie Die My Darling
New Bomb TurksGrounded Ex Patriot
kriegstanzAuschwitz..once upon a time in the westkriegstanz
kriegstanzBurning Desirekriegstanz
kriegstanzThe Higher They Stack...kriegstanz
kriegstanzOf Mice and Menkriegstanz
NohomeFilled in for the rest of the show....Who knows. but it is good

Elick Wesly Graduation Special Edition
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