Eluding The Lengthened Shadow

Doves Flew HerejpgAs the late '70s became the early '80s, the once hippiefied squat scene began to be taken over by the burgeoning punk rock movement. Even the Free Festivals that had once been dominated by folk or rock bands started to see a surge of punk bands entering the mix. As the British recession started to worsen, sanitation strikes paralyzed entire communities as streets began to pile up with garbage for weeks at a time. And, as Thatcher rose to power, the British government slowly began to flex its muscle in the form of squat evictions all over the nation. This perceived setback of the squatters movement and this perceived victory by authority over the masses was reversed as squatters decided to take to large buses. Rather than live in a convoy that would only travel the summer months from festival to festival, they were determined to live in a convoy with a huge traveling community year-round. A form of self-reliance was discovered as travelers learned to support themselves and each other while the large convoy community began to grow ever larger.

An aural journey into the world of the Free Festivals & the New Age Travelers scenes in Britain during the '70s and '80s. Interviews with various members of THE WALLYS, the NEW AGE TRAVELERS, UBI DWYER, and MARK WILSON. Musical flashbacks provided by HAWKWIND, HERE & NOW, GONG, DAVID BOWIE, THE MOB, THE FALL, SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES, THE SLITS, ALTERNATIVE TV, THE POP GROUP, FLUX OF PINK INDIANS, CRASS, THE APOSTLES, THE REVIEW, and HYSTERIA WARD. Includes a discussion about the re-launch of ALL THE MADMEN RECORDS. Compiled and produced by Crumblestiltskin Gee.