Wasted Hippie playlist for 05/23/2012

those melvinswasted hippies
Dead Milkmenstuart
air crash museum/kksuck2
jellyfish heaven
death's alright with me
let's get the baby high
serrated edge
laundrymat song
rc's mom
take me to the specialist
the thing that only eats hippies
sri lanka sex hotel
puking song
rocket ship
beach party vietnam
if you love some one set them on fire
tiny town
i against osbourne
best thanksgiving ever/bitchin' camero
life is shit
dean's dream
where the tarantula lives
i walk the thinnest line
depression day dinner
born to love volcanoes/everybody's got nice stuff but me
stupid mary ann
methodist coloring book
i dream of jesus
shaft in greenland
going to graceland
the bleach boys
two feet off the ground
right wing pigeons
blood orgy at the atomic fern
ringo buys a rifle
surfin' cow
takin' retards to the zoo
punk rock girl
take me apart
guitar song
six days