In The Last Throws Of Resistance playlist for 08/01/2008

Conflictnow you've put your foot in itnow you've put your foot in it
Fifteenliberationextra medium kick ball starsub city
ConflictFrom st pauls to st petersburgnow you've put your foot in it
Aus RottenThe System Works For Them
ungovern-mentalthe end of supremecythe end of supremecy
ungovern-mentalDisgustthe end of supremecy
ungovern-mentalnuclear disasterthe end of supremecy
ungovern-mentalfools warthe end of supremecy
From Ashes RiseSo Say The WiseSplit W/ Victims
From Ashes Risemoths to the flameSplit W/ Victims
From Ashes RiseuniformsSplit W/ Victims
Disagreerefuse to obeyEvolution of regression
Disagreeclass warEvolution of regression
Disagreesans cesse opressorEvolution of regression
Dresden 45guilty of birth
Dresden 45live for money
the UnseenStand Up And FightBostons Finest
the UnseenStay ColdBostons Finest
Starved and DeliriousAreial Slaughter
Starved and DeliriousSeperate Colors Of Hate
Toxic NarcodicPeople SuckBostons Finest
Toxic NarcodicHome BrewBostons Finest
Toxic NarcodicPoliticsBostons Finest
short hate tempertraded in
short hate temperbottom out
short hate tempercoward
short hate temperservile
short hate temperlife of regret
guttermouthPotfucking destroy guttermouthe piece of shit
guttermouthsid vicious was innocentfucking destroy guttermouthe piece of shit
Dayglo AbortionsArgh Fuck Kill /die sinner die
Dayglo Abortionswake up america
SufferCrowdsFlat Earth Recs.
SufferSparkFlat Earth Recs.
SufferConfessFlat Earth Recs.
SufferListen 2Flat Earth Recs.
I kill carsRadio Rock
I kill carsSan Jose 1982
Bad Acid Trip
man is the bastard
Decrylast sinBarricaded suspecstoxic shock
AntiManFuck tv
DecryIsland Paradiseflipside vinyl fanzine vol 2
the clorox girlsthis dimention
the clorox girlsanimal eyes
Naked RaygunMetastasisflipside vinyl fanzine vol 2
pisschristhellfare wellfare

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