In The Last Throws Of Resistance playlist for 07/04/2008

jimi hendrixstar strangled banner
John WayneOn America
Red MenaceLiving in America
Dead KennedysStars and stripes of corruptionFrankenchrist
As Long As We'er All Living We're All DyingUnited States Of Autocracy
captian americatheme
AdolescentsLockdown America
Billy BraggHelp Save the Youth Of America
Def JeffVoice Of A NEw GenerationHere We Go AgainDelicious Vinyl
BostonStar Spangle / July 4th
Bill HicksPolitics In America
team Americaamerica fuck yeah!
Scortched Earth PolicyS.T.D.
Propagandiand we thought nation states were a bad idea
PropagandiStick the fucking flag up your ass
Patton OswaltAmerica Has Spoken
New Bomb TurksGrounded Ex-Patriot
SkitzoPrisioners of America
Against Me!White People For PeaceNew Wave
Afrika Bambaataa & John LydonWorld DestructionTime ZoneCelluloid
UnamusedWelcome To AmerikkkaHaven't You Been Decieved
FM StaticAmerica's Next Freak
King Missle 3America Kicks Ass
Bury The LivingOf God And CountryAll the News That Fit To ScreamPrank records
Dayglow AbortionsWake Up America
ClashDeath or GloryLondon Calling
FangLaw and Order
Child MolestersPunch you in the Face
The Pink SpidersSoft SmokeTeenage Graffiti
Pink SpidersSaturday Night RiotTeenage Graffiti
GG AllinScum Fuk Tradition
Hard SkinLaw and Order (up your arse)Same Meat Different Gravy
Weezerpork and Beans
ParasyticMad Men
Los Fablosos Cadilacsv centenario
Angry SamoansLights Out
Condemnend UntiDIE
Test IciclesLNMO Hoes

The Real and Official Uncle Sam approved and certified 4th o' July In-Depends Day Show