In The Last Throws Of Resistance playlist for 02/12/2010

Living Under LiesOut Of FuelLiving Under Lies epPrimary Thoughts / Discontent Records
Living Under LiesConey IslandLiving Under Lies epPrimary Thoughts / Discontent Records
Death BoxIntroOOFDA!!Bad People Records
Death BoxMind The TeethOOFDA!!Bad People Records
Death BoxSlumpadumpOOFDA!!Bad People Records
Death BoxCourtesy WaveOOFDA!!Bad People Records
Death BoxShark ScissorsOOFDA!!Bad People Records
Death BoxhateXedgeXonXtheXstraightXedgeOOFDA!!Bad People Records
Death BoxSicky GnarOOFDA!!Bad People Records
Death BoxDon't SaveOOFDA!!Bad People Records
Death BoxWheel BiteOOFDA!!Bad People Records
RiisteterrorBlack TuesdayTaabajara Hardcore (Sick Terror Meets Riistetyt)Hardcore Holocaust
RiisteterrorI Have No FaithTaabajara Hardcore (Sick Terror Meets Riistetyt)Hardcore Holocaust
RiisteterrorSilencio!Taabajara Hardcore (Sick Terror Meets Riistetyt)Hardcore Holocaust
P.L.F.Strangled In Icy DreamsPulverizing Lethal ForceCutthroat Records
P.L.F.Fighting The UrgePulverizing Lethal ForceCutthroat Records
P.L.F.A grim AfterthoughtPulverizing Lethal ForceCutthroat Records
P.L.F.ripping tighterPulverizing Lethal ForceCutthroat Records
DoldrumsShadowsNowhere Existence epBad People Records
DoldrumsNowhere ExistenceNowhere Existence epBad People Records
Death BoxLandlocked ShowerviolenceOOFDA!!Bad People Records
Death Boxkung fu punch of deathOOFDA!!Bad People Records
Death Boxparker skatepark assaultOOFDA!!Bad People Records
Death Boxsheet metal jesusOOFDA!!Bad People Records
Death Boxthong songOOFDA!!Bad People Records
Death Boxdeath box vs mother natureOOFDA!!Bad People Records
Death BoxgenericoreOOFDA!!Bad People Records
Death BoxXcatfartsXOOFDA!!Bad People Records
Death Boxfire InjunOOFDA!!Bad People Records
Death BoxWastedOOFDA!!Bad People Records
Fangthe money will roll right in
Fanglaw and order
The Krayons4 AM Drunkssouvenirs from the scene of the crimeTFC Records
The KrayonsAll The Hreossouvenirs from the scene of the crime
Security ThreatBad NeighborBad People Records
Security ThreatSenseless SlaughterBad People Records
Security ThreatUSABad People Records
DodsfallaNightmare ShadowDeath Future
Imperial Leatherantibodiesantibodies ep
Imperial LeatherMedium Vaccumeantibodies ep
Lcdlcojala yo hubiera nacido muertoMuerto En Vida
Lcdlcinsensatos (humanos de rapina)Muerto En Vida
FangDestroy the handicapped
Fangskin heads smoke dope
AbruptMass SterilizationMy Cremortorium LIVE on KAOS Radio
AbruptDriven OutMy Cremortorium LIVE on KAOS RadioBurnt Bridges
the BroadwaysI think That I Shall Never See...Big City 7"
DAWNHarsh Realitymeat cube label
DAWNHeard IT All Before
DoldrumsBalanceNowhere Existence epBad People Records
DoldrumsAshesNowhere Existence epBad People Records
RiisteterrorAggressionTaabajara Hardcore (Sick Terror Meets Riistetyt)Hardcore Holocaust
RiisteterrorArmagedomTaabajara Hardcore (Sick Terror Meets Riistetyt)Hardcore Holocaust
Peter & The Test Tube BabiesBanned From The Pubs
Self RuleDiseaseIskra / Self Ruleunrest records
Self RuleEarth RapeIskra / Self Ruleunrest records
Self RuleWe Are Not Citizens, We are People!Iskra / Self Ruleunrest records
Cluster Bomb UnitState Violence/State Control (Discharge)Stumpf Ist Trumpf
Cluster Bomb UnitWho's Gonna Fight In The 3rd World War (Subhumans)Stumpf ist Trumpf
Till Deathby nightfallWarvictims / Till Death splitBurnt Bridges
Till DeathravageWarvictims / Till Death splitBurnt Bridges

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