Streaming Help

How to Stream into KAOS remotely using WINAMP

If you would like to use the EdCast plugin instead of ShoutCast you can download it here.

Installing Winamp and the ShoutCast plugin:

  1. Download and install Winamp.
  2. Download and install the SHOUTcast DSP Plug-In for Winamp
    This is a direct link to the page you need. The link is at the bottom of the page. The latest version is DSP 2.3.2
  3. After installing the Shoutcast plugin, restart Winamp.

Configuring Winamp:

Inside Winamp, navigate to Options -> Preferences and scroll down to Plugins -> DSP/Effect
Click on Nullsort SHOUTcast source DSP. A new window will pop up. This is where you configure the remote connection and encoding parameters.

Input Settings:

For streaming music played in Winamp, select sound card as your input device. Do not select the recommended winamp setting; it will give you a choppy feed. Audio input setting should be 44100Hz Stereo. You can adjust the level on winamp or with your sound card. Peak levels should never jump above -3db.

If you are using a mixing board to mix audio into your computer then you should select Sound Card as your input. Audio input setting should be 44100Hz Stereo. You'll probably want to adjust your mixer settings so that the average volume is around -10db. Peak volume should never reach above -3db.

Output Settings:

In the Output tab use the following details:

  • Address:
  • Port: 8000
  • Password: fuckthefcc

Check the Automatic Reconnection box and set your Reconnection Timeout to 10 seconds.

Make sure the Connect at Startup box is NOT checked!

Encoder Settings:

Next, click the Encoder tab. Change Encoder Type to MP3. Change Encoder Settings to 128Kbps, 44.100KHz, Stereo.
Note: There are some versions of Winamp with a bug that resets your encoder settings every time you restart.

Stream Description and YP Info:

Under the "Yellowpages" tab of the Shoutcast source plug-in, you should select "Make this server public". Change the website to and make appropriate changes to your "Description" as well. Somthing like, "KAOS Radio Austin, TX Live from My Studio"

If your sound source is Winamp then you should also check the box that says "Enable title updates."

Streaming Your Show

When it is time for your show, go back to the Output Tab and click Connect. The timer will start counting and the status will show you as Connected. While you are connected anything that plays though your computers sound card is sent to the stream. It is a good idea to keep an eye on this screen while doing your show to make sure you are still connected.

You should begin your show at the top of the hour and end your show at the top of the hour. Use only the clock on the Icecast Admin screen. It is not necessarily the same as the clock on your computer. Do not wait for the last song to finish. Make sure to click Disconnect and that the status box shows you as no longer being connected. Timeliness is important. When someone plays an archive they should hear the new show start right away. A new listener will not be patient if there is a bunch of death metal at the beginning of an oldies show, or vice-versa.

Tips for doing a successful (non skipping) stream and archive:

  • Music streaming uses your upstream bandwidth. If you want to have a reliable show try to make sure you are on a stable internet connection. Make sure you computer is doing NOTHING ELSE except running winamp! Turn off ALL filesharing programs (Limewire, KAZAA, Bittorrent, etc) during your show!
  • Click on the desktop right after doing anything on shoutcast or winamp. Sometimes the mouse will connect itself to the encoder setting and change the speed when you scroll it. I think this is the number one cause of archive failure.

Check your listeners through Icecast:

Use the "Icecast Admin" link on the left.

Misc Stuff

If questions call me at 947-5791.

Here's a breakdown of possible server address and port combinations: 8000 or 8959 80, 8000, or 8959

kaos-128 is where the live stream comes in.
Kaos-64 is kaos-128 transcoded down to 64Kbps.
Kaos-24 is kaos-128 transcoded down to 24Kbps.
kaos.ogg is kaos-128 transcoded to Ogg/Vorbis