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mahalo martini hour: rare and old school

rare and old school - 60:22 minutes (55.26 MB)

Mahalo Surfboards

Playlist: THE SCORPIONS - "Jungle Street", LINK WRAY - "Street Fighter", DICK DALE - "The Wedge", THE G-MEN - "Raunchy Twist", THE SURFMEN - "Ghost Hop", THE STRANGERS - "Rockin Rebel", THE STORMS - "Makin Out", THE LANCASTERS - "Earth Shaker" "Satan's Holiday", DAVIE ALLEN - "Beyond the Blue", "War Path", THE STRANGERS - "Boogey Man" "Young Maggie", THE SURFMEN - "The Breakers", "Casanova", THE STRANGERS - "A Lost Soul", THE PLAYBOYS - "The Scramble", THE STRANGERS - "Navajo", THE SURFMEN - "El Toro" "Malibu Run", THE STRANGERS - "Dance of the Ants", THE STORMS - "Shot Down", THE STRANGERS - "Hill Stomp" "Caterpillar Crawl", RAMRODS - "Ghost Riders in the Sky"

The Age of Headphones

Pink Manson Hawkwind Family - 180:40 minutes (165.41 MB)


I'm relaxing the rule regarding no lyrics to bring Manson Family: An Opera (65:38), selections from the first two Hawkwind albums (77:30), and the mostly instrumental songs from "A Saucerful of Secrets" by Pink Floyd (30:57). The whole thing winds up with "Anne Boleyn" by Rick Wakeman (6:36)

Mahalo Martini Hour: Clint Eastwood Hell

Clint Eastwood Hell - 60:08 minutes (55.06 MB)

Mahalo Clint Eastwood Hell

PLAYLIST: "Deguello", TWIN TONES - "La Escopeta del Diablo", THE MADEIRA - "Almoraima", 3 BALLS OF FIRE - "Ecstasy of Gold", (12:47) THE MAN FROM RAVCON - "Three Days From Durango", LOS CORONAS - "Hacha de Guerra", THE NEMATOADS - "Distant Drums" (21:17), EL SANTO NADA - "Gallinas y Legartos", LOS PLANTRONICS - "Black Cactus Stampede", LOS ACAPULCO - "Calaveras Del Justicio", (35:40) THE NEMATOADS - "Five Guns West", THE MADEIRA - "Intruder #1", "Intruder", THE MAN FROM RAVCON - "You'll Never Take Me Alive", (49:28) EL RAS - "The Spider", THE SUPERTONES - "Paladin", LOS PLANTRONICS - "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly"

Mahalo Martini Hour

Fiberglass Jungle 3 - 60:16 minutes (55.18 MB)

Mahalo Surfboards

This week completes the three-part series featuring selections from Fiberglass Jungle. Since there were only a few songs left to play, I went shopping on the Deep Eddy Records site. I wound up filling up the whole rest of the hour with The Madeira (complete "Ruins" ep!), The Man From Ravcon, Kill, Baby...Kill, and Austin's own Nematoads.

Playlist: THE SUB-MERSIONS - "So Sensitive" (FJ), KILL, BABY...KILL - "Trioxin Twist", THE NEMATOADS - "Devil Ridge", KING ALCOHOL - "Unhooked" (FJ), KILL, BABY...KILL - "Ant Invasion", THE MAN FROM RAVCON - "You'll Never Take Me Alive", TYRSKYKITARAT- "Topeno" (FJ), THE NEMATOADS - "Distant Drums", KELP - "El Alacran" (FJ), THE MADEIRA - "The Victor", "Dilmohammed" "Almoraima", "Intruder #1", "Intruder", KILL, BABY...KILL - "Suppose the Doomsday Cults Were Right", THE NEMATOADS - "Five Guns West", THE S.K.I.M.E.N. - "Theme From S.K.I.M.E.N." (FJ), THE NEMATOADS - "No, Mr Bond, I expect you to Surf", THE MAN FROM RAVCON - "The Charmer"

ill country variety hour

03-19-2014 - 59:10 minutes (54.17 MB)

Ill Country Variety Hour 2


Playlist: ARMITAGE SHANKS THE CARNEY PREACHER - "Marshmallows and a Holy Bible", VENOM - "Don't Burn the Witch", WITCHERY - "Midnight At the Graveyard", DEAD HORSE - "Rock Lobster", KRIEG - "Venus in Furs", ASYLUM STREET SPANKERS - "Wake and Bake", REV HORTON HEAT - "Bails of Cocaine", RICHARD CHEESE - "Smoke Two Joints", NAPOLEON XIV - "I Owe A Lot to Iowa Pot", "They're Coming to Take Me Away", MARIANNE FAITHFUL - "Ballad of Lucy Jordan", DEVIL DOLL - "The Curse", LYNYRD SKYNYRD - "Saturday Night Special", "They Call Me the Breeze", PRESCOTT REED - "Russia Russia", LOUVIN BROTHERS - "Great Atomic Power", MOJO NIXON AND SKID ROPER - "Gonna Put My Face on a Nuclear Bomb", SIMON AND GARFUNKEL - "Sound of Silence"

Mahalo Martini Hour

Fiberglass Jungle 2 - 58:30 minutes (53.56 MB)

Mahalo Surfboards

This week Mahalo Martini Hour continues with selection from Fiberglass Jungle, a rare compilation from Deep Eddy Records of Austin, Tx. In addition to the FJ songs, the show starts out with a short uke number, and there is a triple shot of Longboard Ranch, a cover set, and a spy song from Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited.

SWEET HOLLYWAIIANS - "Honolulu Stomp", (2:41) SQUID VICIOUS - "Under the Green" (FJ), WAY OUT WEST - "Evolution" (FJ), THE FABULOUS PLANK-TONES - "Davey Jones Locker"(FJ), (14:40) LONGBOARD RANCH - "Bejal", "Code Red", "Sinbad", (21:43) THE AQUAMEN - "Caipirrina" (FJ), THE HOLLOW GRINDERS - "Piha Death-Rip" (FJ), HOT TECATE - "Surf and Skate All Night" (FJ), (29:23) THE SUPERTONES - "Paint It Black", THE TIKI TONES - "A Shot in the Dark", THE VENTURES - "Dick Tracy", (36;36) HAWAII SAMURAI - "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "Batman Theme", DON JUAN SECRETO - "Green Hornet Theme", (42:28)
ENSTRUMEN'TAL - "What's My Name?", LOS FANTASTICOS - "Lady Grinning Soul", (47:51) SURF REPORT - "Surfonica" (FJ), THE MILL VALLEY TATERS - "Foam Aroma" (FJ), SWAMP DONKEYS - "Planet Satan" (FJ), STEREOPHONIC SPACE SOUND UNLIMITED - "Lino Ventura"

ill country variety hour

03-12-2014 - 60:04 minutes (54.99 MB)

Ill Country Variety Hour 2

IT WAS QUIET, RURAL, NOTHING ELSE HERE, BUT THEN...CAME THE FARM! playlist: MAD SIN - "Pig Farm", Carlos and the Banditos - "Stone Killer", Deadbolt - "The Day I Got My Spine Back", Ghoultown - "Mexican Moonshine", Devil Doll - "Liquor Store", Herman's Hermits - "Jezebel", The Flametrick Subs - "What Makes a Good Girl Go Bad?", Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures - "Macon County Morgue", Hillbilly Hellcats - "Dead Man's Party", Demented Are Go - "Bee Bop A Lula", Maryanne Faithful - "Why'd Ya Do It?", Skatenigs - "Hoosegow", Allman Brothers - "Whipping Post", Blondie - "For Your Eyes Only", Blue Oyster Cult - "True Confessions", B-52's - "52 Girls", Subhumans - "Til the Pigs Come Round"

Mahalo Martini Hour

03-11-2014 - 57:56 minutes (53.04 MB)

Mahalo Surfboards

This week, and for the next two weeks, Mahalo Martini Hour presents selections from the Deep Eddy Records release "Fiberglass Jungle", along with other quality surf instrumentals.

PLAYLIST: El Santo Nada, The Atlantics, (7:45) The Surf Kings (FJ), The Soda Pop Spies (FJ), The Torpedoes (FJ), The Nematoads, Los Twangers, (23:10) Los Mel-Tones (FJ), The Sandblasters (FJ), Mayhem Brew (FJ), Blue Hawaiians, Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited, (35:10) Dirk Doom and the Overdrive Orchestra (FJ), Jeff Hart and the Ruins (FJ), The Berzerkers (FJ), Die Sputniks, The Scorpions, Link Wray, The Weasletones, The Amino Acids

ill country variety hour

03-05-2014 - 60:40 minutes (55.54 MB)

Ill Country Variety Hour 2


Playlist: AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE - "Come With Me If You Want to Live", IGNORANCE PARK - "Two Georges for the Ride", THE B-52's - "Devil's in my Car", THE ANIMALS - "Little Red Riding Hood", AGONY COLUMN - "God, Guns, and Guts", HOWLIN' TUMBLEWEEDS - "Book of Job", ASYLUM STREET SPANKERS - "Wake and Bake", CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY - "Television Song", DA PLUG UGLIES - "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things", PAIN TEENS - "Geraldo 666", EAST SIDE SUICIDES - "Justa Lookin", BULEMICS - "It Ain't Easy Bein Easy", LOWER CLASS BRATS - "Who Controls the Media?", FEARLESS IRANIANS FROM HELL - "Life in Iran", CHARLIE'S HOLY HAPPY HOUR - "Servant Girl Annihilator", YUCKMOUTH - "Janet Reno's Sex Slave", OISTRS - "Freedom Isn't Free", DICKS - "Pigs Run Wild", APOCALYPTICA - "Enter Sandman"

Adventures in Tacoland by Ziggy

Adventures in Tacoland - 120:01 minutes (109.88 MB)
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