Prepare yourself for the DOA gig next weekend by listening to two hours of Canadian glam, punk, and hardcore dating from the '70s up until the present in no particular order!

The Asshole and a Half show... We've got great big snow balls

Night People KAOS

This week we brave the winter devastation to report on the horrible atrocities occurring in our fair to middling city. Grab a blanket cause it's gonna get chill up in here.

Bringin' it back to where it all began!!!!

slw 2014

Last of the classic picks for re-brodcast, join us for the very first episode of the SLW. December 5th (i think) of 2012, the Sunken Lantern's Waltz premiered as a four hour grab-bag of underground rock and avant-garde music. But stay tuned at the 5 o'clock hour (CST) as we tack on an extra two hours dedicated to the bands Hawkwind and Godflesh! After that, new episodes resume, starting February 3rd. With the primary focus being the genres of Industrial, Experimental, and Noise. Be seeing you....

The Hugh Jazzhole Early Bird Special Sunday 9 am!


This week's playlist: