A Brief History of KAOS Radio

KAOS radio was born out of necessity. As existing radio outlets for free and independent music on the FM dial became scarce in Austin, Texas and America plunged head first into war ....KAOS radio rose up to meet the demands of a community that cherished the music, art and culture that our first amendment rights bring all of us.

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On December 28th

2001 KAOS radio started broadcasting its musical message to the South Austin area on a liberated FM frequency as a service to the community. This was quickly followed by launching a website for audio streaming to create a world-wide reach, while dozens of KAOS DJs operated in a decentralized and communal structure in order to deliver the music that mainstream radio cannot.

KAOS radio won local

admiration from the Austin Chronicle in 2004, 2005 and again in 2014 for our revolutionary radio spirit. KAOS radio also garnished admonishment from some of the largest corporate radio providers in the nation that do not share our vision for media diversity or our commitment to the preservation of free speech and thus labeled us "pirates."

"If the FCC is

not vigilant in cutting down pirate radio stations, there will be anarchy" ... those were the alarmist words of Clear Channel Communications in an interview with local newspaper the Daily Texan. Clear Channel went on to say "What we're really talking about are people in the movement that have a socialist agenda. They are anti-corporate." Mainstream broadcasters clearly felt threatened by the presence of KAOS radio.

Unfortunately in October of 2010

the FCC dealt another blow against radio diversity and forced KAOS off the FM dial. However, KAOS radio continues to fight against mainstream mediocrity with a host of different DJs each week spinning tunes, hosting live bands in-studio or espousing their viewpoints at www.kaosradioaustin.org So, come aboard our no-profit ship and join the fight!

Here's what

musicians have to say about KAOS radio:

Roger Alan Wade

Roger Alan Wade

" They are keeping the music alive!" - Roger Alan Wade.

Sons of Perdition

" I have nothing but kind words... Without them I'd likely be tits up in a ditch outside of Toledo by now" -Sons of Perdition

The Old 97's

" The Old 97's have taken me on a path through mainly two kinds of radio stations. There are those stations whose programming is clearly an appendage of a corporate interest but then there are those that respond to a community by nurturing and challenging their listeners. Those kinds of stations ask us to partner with them on a journey of musical, political and ideological discovery. Thankfully there are few of those radio stations left still out there but few is the operative word. KAOS is one of those few. I am very happy there are still courageous souls broadcasting that spirit online and occasionally (shhhh) over the airwaves. I know the material awards for KAOS radio are small, maybe non-existent but the spiritual and intellectual reward has to be immense." -Murry Hammond