Ep 22 – El Duce’s Ghost 9-6-15 – Watchin’ Videos with Sandee pt 1

Watchin videos with Sandee pt 1
Tonight Sandee and I watch and narrate music videos with a few songs sprinkled in. All videos were sent in by friends on facebook. Come hang out with us. **all information we provide may or may not be factual or even correct**

22 – el duces ghost 9-6-15 -watchin videos with Sandee pt 1

22 – el duces ghost 9-6-15 -watchin videos with Sandee pt 2

  1. the cramps like a bad girl
  2. the cramps bikini girls with machine guns
  3. korn freak on a leash
  4. korn blind
  5. dire straighs money for nothing
  6. dire straights sultans of swing
  7. the bloodhound gang fire water burn
  8. the bloodhound gang asleep at the wheel
  9. the bloodhound gang i hope you die
  10. zlad Elektronik Supersonik
  11. jan terri losing you
  12. bobby and the midnites i want to live in america
  13. the hooters and we danced
  14. macklemore and we danced
  15. rockwell obscene phone caller
  16. rockwell somebody’s watching we
  17. Time-Life “Mysteries of the Unknown” Commercial (1988)
  18. corey hart never surrender
  19. corey hart sunglasses at night
  20. 1984 Franklin Mint Civil War Chess Set Commercial
  21. wall of voodoo mexican radio
  22. Zombie Bitches Kicking Peoples Ass (eerie keyboard solos fuck your world)
  23. leslie and the lys body rolls
  24. mystery nerd song
  25. the melvins honey bucket
  26. 1980s Crazy Calls Answering machine
  27. funny pink japanese video
  28. shonen knife riding on a rocket
  29. Meow Mix Song | EDM Cat Remix by Ashworth

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