Following from the last episode and my Last FM year-end chart for 2017, please find attached THE TINDER DIARIES #19 – BORDERS OF SALT counting down my Top 14 tracks for the first six months of 2018. Now this is the stuff that makes me feel like a proper DJ, like Casey Kasem or something.

So what have I been listening to this year, this year of turmoil? So soundtracking job interviews and days spent home alone I’ve been listening to Black Flag, The Breeders, Crass, Mudhoney, Prophets Of Rage, Public Image Limited, Sebadoh and Tom Waits. Lots of modern and new stuff then……

Its actually a pretty good bunch of songs. But then again so was the last lot.

The shows airs this Thursday 27 September 2018 at 5PM Austin and 11PM London with regular repeats rolling out sporadically going forward.