Uhuru! With THEMES still at the London Film Festival and having a bloody good time, this week the TINDER DIARIES again occupies the Thursday slot and this week it is the first half of my interview with London comedian JOSHUA ROSS. Approximately four years ago we did open mic together twice. I jacked in within the year following the Edinburgh Festival debacle but already in the swing of things, JOSH ROSS went on to win the New Comedian Of The Year competition at Leicester Square Theatre in 2014 along with various other awards. Like voting, if competitions mattered they would be illegal.

For almost two hours, before a Mogwai show at the Barbican, we discussed comedy, the machinations of the comedy industry, named names, why we burn bridges, social media personas, Gavin McInnes and then Grime rap. Hour two turns political and it will follow in a few weeks,

The show airs on Thursday 13 October at 4PM Texas time and 10PM London time with a re-run on Sunday 16 October at 11AM Texas time and 5PM London time in addition to the usual TINDER DIARIES slot Tuesday 11AM Texas time and 5PM London time.

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