Uhuru! Here’s a new episode of THEMES! For episode #57 I have made the long anticipated visit to Springfield to feature THE SIMPSONS. This is the show most abundantly likely subject to occur since the first episode of THEMES. Everyone likes THE SIMPSONS!

This episode has been put together to coincide with the new show SPRINGFIELD FM with airs Mondays at 7PM Austin (1AM London). It’s KBBL in the flesh!

For today you can be sure to find fun in tracks from Sonic Youth, The B52s, Okily Dokily, Princess Nokia, The Bloodhound Gang, Sadgasm, Conan O’Brien Rappin’ Ronnie Reagan in addition of course to Springfield natives such as Homer Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Troy McClure, Krusty The Klown, Kirk Van Houten and many more including most importantly Frank Grimes.

There was too much to try and squeeze into this show so no doubt somewhere down the line I’ll do a sequel. And this episode comes coupled with THEMES #17 the Harry Shearer episode.

The show airs on Thursday 11 May at 4PM Texas time and 10PM London time with a re-run on Sunday 14 May at 11AM Texas time and 5PM London time.

It was the part I was born to play baby.