Making Poseurs Hip 2019 edition of Mosh Pit Hell – the Six Anniversary Episode

#MakingPoseursHip edition of MPH happens tonight Sunday 13 January at 7PM USCST on KAOS Radio Austin as we celebrate the Sixth Anniversary of the Mosh Pit Hell of Metal, Punk and Hardcore.

#MakingPoseursHip takes a look back at the very first episode by re-spinning classic artists with brand new tracks like Voivoid, Soilwork, High on Fire and the Ocean as well as Dark Tranquility, Amon Amarth, the Black Dahlia Murder, Suffocation, Living Sacrifice, Norma Jean, Byzantine, and more who were also part of the debut episode while mixing in new tracks by Unearth and Obsucura with some other classic faves of MPH like Darkane, Nightrage, Grave, Cryptopsy, Disembodied, Boysetsfire, Converge and, of course Iron Maiden.

Learn how you can help the next generation of musicians get their start by supporting one of MPH’s favorite causes over the years the Mr. Hollands Opus Foundation and their work with Music Rising

Tune in tonight at 7PM USCT using the Flash Player here on the site, try Tune In or pick up the podcasts archived at or the archived stream after the broadcast at