Marking Persecution & Holocaust ’17 edition of Mosh Pit Hell – a WWII Holocaust Remembrance Week show

MPH noise radio brings metal punk and hardcore into KAOS as the mosh pit hell with the doormouse, dmf, TONIGHT Sunday, 23 April 2017, 7pm CDT on

#MarkingPersecutionHolocaust ’17 is a Holocaust Remembrance Week show with WWII inspired songs by Civil War, Hail of Bullets, Arch Enemy, Monstrosity, Hypocrisy, Sabaton, 3 Inches of Blood, Mortillary, Metal Church, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Steel Assassin, Sodom, Winterborn, Anthrax, Battalion, Warbreed, Hammercult, Vried, Eastern Front, Defeater and more. Learn a bit about one of the greatest human tragedies and the effort to educate on the past and provide for the future while you battle the buldge with a blisterning mosh.

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