KAOS Radio Austin has been on the air a long time – December 2001 to be exact and over that time we’ve had a lot of great on air talent come and go.

Some of our best and brightest contributors left us a legacy of programming before they retired from radio or, unfortunately, may have passed away. And, for a couple of hours a week we are going to try and showcase what their unique perspectives had to offer by re-running some of their classic episodes that we were able to unearth from the archives.

In addition to those shows, we’ll do our best to try and include legacy programming from some of our longest running DJs and other unique seasonal contributions from past episodes of shows you love.

We’ll get things started off with features from Slaytoven, Modal Robert’s Altitude and Big Rob’s Hard Corps 101 in the coming weeks and expand on the show’s theme as we can. If you happen to have archived yourself any of our classic KAOS programs because you were a fan of their style, let us know and we’ll be sure to get them on the air so everyone can enjoy the experience. And, if that inspires you to become a DJ yourself, we have programming spots open and would love to have you join our family.

Tune in every week, Saturday evenings for Classic KAOS and join us in a celebration of the roots of our humble radio station.