Happy Samhain & Halloween from MPH – Monster Pumpkin Heaviness revisited

Love the Samhain & Allhallowtide seasons?

At the Most Pit Hell of Metal Punk and Hardcore we do too! For the past five years #MonsterPumpkinHeaviness has aired celebrating the holiday and we invite you to join us again!

For a limited time only you can pick up select editions including 2018’s two part #MonsterPumpkinHeaviness can be downloaded at:

the KRA Station Archives

You can also stream them by year
2016 – a show of fear and fright
2015 part one of fear and fright and part two the all souls grave edition
2014 part one of halloween monsters and part two the songs of the dead

So, get your haunting mosh on all day long and thanks for supporting @MPHnoise and KRA this allhallowtide season

Monster Pumpkin Heaviness ’18 pt 1 edition of Mosh Pit Hell – the Witches, Wolves & Zombies of Allhallowtide & Samhain

#MonsterPumpkinHeaviness ’18 pt 1 the Allhallowtide / Samhain extravaganza returns tonight, Sunday 21 October 2018 at 7PM USCDT on KAOS Radio Austin with all the Witches, Wolves & Zombies you can handle Get your monster mosh on with White Zombie, Warpstone, Savatage, Cathedral, Merciful Fate, Conception, Death, Mortification, Broken Hope, Soilent Green, Dehydrated, Revocation, Gojira, Circle Spectre Haunting, Epistasis, Amon Amarth, Kreator, In Flames, Unearth, Feared, the Hudson Horror, Type O Negative an more, plus some history on tricks or treats and how you can get involved with UNICEF for the holiday.

Don’t forget to follow @MPHnoise on your fave SocNet so you don’t end up missing pure headbanging, and check out past episodes in the archive at mixcloud.com/MPHnoise and mphnoiseradio.podomatic.com

So get your pumpkin metal punk and hardcore on Sunday night for part One of the fifth anniv of #MonsterPumpkinHeaviness