(What Is) The SuperMAD! Mxyz?! Radiocast! ~ Ep. 10: Evolution Revolution!

The SuperMAD! Mxyz?!™ RADIOCAST! is a music-mix Adventure Story, following the Cosmic, Hero’s Journey of SUPERMAN & Mike Allred’s MADMAN! It’s HULLABALOO!!!

The Super-MAD! Mxyz?! album cover

Original Airdate: March 31st, 2019 ~ 10pm, EST!

Episode 10 of (What Is) The SuperMAD! Mxyz?!™ Rock 'n' Roll Radiocast!?

This is it, folks! The end to
Book 2: Dream On!
Listen below!

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it at Archetypal Images!


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Hope you enjoy the show!
~ E! @ (What Is) The SuperMAD! Mxyz?!™ Rock ‘n’ Roll Radiocast!?

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Author: E!

Quick and dirty version: I'm a crazoid like the rest of you...and I happen to draw pictures, too. Storytelling is in my blood and soul...and I'm just striving to find the time and energy to invest in what I'm here to do. Check me out at www.archetypalimages.com, if you wanna know more. Cheers! E!

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