In The Last Throws Of Resistance playlist for 10/02/2009

Friday 5-7pm Central Standard Time

throws of resistance

Take A Stand

request something?

Man Down playlist for 10/01/2009

Kool Aid Kult

Dont Drink the Cool Aid

Live Impromptu playlist for 09/26/2009

cool daddy-o style
Record Art Library 1 183

In The Last Throws Of Resistance playlist for 09/25/2009

now, today, and every friday 5-7pm: in the last throws of resistance
little friends "ecords" 1

DJ MOFO playlist for 09/22/2009

Hearty Flow: A Monthly Comedy Show
Hearty Flow

The Honey Bee Show playlist for 09/22/2009

St Petersburg Street Art 36
DJ Topher plays soul & hip-hop & dirty dirty blues.
See ya every Tuesday 5-7pm & Sunday 9-11pm.

Get Down Lounge playlist for 09/20/2009

DJ TOPHER slows down time & space every SUNDAY 9-11 pm.
space shopping
Nuttin' but psychedelic, trip-hop, acid jazz, dub madness.

DJ MOFO playlist for 09/19/2009

DJ MOFO & DJ I.O. have a Sound Experience
Record Art Library 1 086

Live Impromptu playlist for 09/19/2009

" a matador baiting the vast dark hydra sitting afront him..."
Record Art Library 1 208

In The Last Throws Of Resistance playlist for 09/18/2009

hardest of the hardcore,
Punkyest of the punk, Crustyest of the crust,
two fingers up to the war machine--piss off

Man Down playlist for 09/17/2009


All 7 inch show, going as long as i can with only Austin stuff,...

The Honey Bee Show playlist for 09/15/2009

dumpster runner
Every TUESDAY from 5-7pm, DJ Topher plays rap, soul & more.