Altitude playlist for 02/12/2015

Conversation with Manchester music legend Ian Moss featuring his own music, tracks by artists from German Shepherd Records, the label he co-runs with Bob Osborne. Some of his favourite tracks from across the spectrum and finally my (very brief !) Jerry Hall impression

The Sunken Lantern's Waltz playlist for 02/09/2015

1. Rudimentary Peni - Muse Sick (Sic) (4:25)
2. Flux Of Pink Indians - System Rejects (4:42)
3. Zounds - Did He Jump (8:13)
4. The Mob - No Doves Fly Here (6:38)
5. Poison Girls - Bremen Song (7:16)
6. dirt - land of rising sun (3:14)
7. Icons Of Filth - A Measure Of Insecurity (3:43)
8. Lost Cherrees - Sexism's Sick Parts 1&2 (4:44)
9. Hagar the Womb - A Song of Deep Hate (5:05)

El Duce's Ghost playlist for 01/19/2015

Tonight it's lady's choice.. and by lady's choice I mean ME! We get into a little bitta this'n a little bitta that.. some doubles'n some singles. Let's dance.