Today at 7 pm UK time (1 pm Austin) Soundtrack to Infinity #21 on KAOS Radio Austin

Features music from The Stevenson Ranch Davidians, Lizard Brain Band, The Screaming Love Collective and Lea Porcelain amongst many other fine tunes.

Another episode of Brad Cain’s late night radio show, featuring all that is great and good in the music world. New releases from The Stevenson Ranch Davidians, Lea Porcelain, Hawkwind and Cannonball Statman, as well as the eagerly anticipated second album from Dumfries’s finest The Screaming Love Collective. Dischord Records have recently released their whole back catalogue on Bandcamp, and there are some fine examples of early D.C. thrash metal from Minor Threat and Faith, and that wouldn’t be complete withot a track from Bad Brains as well. As always there’s a lot to pack in, and it will be going out from the bunker at the bottom of Ben Nevis