Seasonal Programming Special: Allhallowtide Horror and the monsters of Samhain

The wonders of the Great Pumpkin come alive during the Allhallowtide Horror when the Monsters of Samhain are resurrected for six weeks when fear and fright reside in the minds of witches, zombies, wolves and devils.

In other words it’s time for your Halloween hellfest to blow up with Monster Pumpkin Heaviness you’d come to image by the likes of Type O Negative, the Misfits, Black Sabbath, AFI, Rob Zombie, Mercyful Fate, Iced Earth, the Creepshow, the Horrorprops, Ministry, Neurosis, Voivod, the Black Dahlia Murder and many more plus all time tricks, treats and topsy tervy terrors presented by L7, Yakuza, Saint Vitus, Armed with Valor, Antiverse, the Afgan Whigs, Bayside, Metric, the Gathering, Slant 6, White Lung and many more.

Tune in during random times and at random hours for the compete and total chaos of “KAOS Embrace the Random” and get all shook up throughout September and October!

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