~rerun~ Part two of the Kit Kat Savage Saga: El Duce’s Ghost 9-5-15 ep 20 Mishmash Return of Sandee Pants

Part two of the Kit Kat feud. We listen some sweet jams, snack on some snacks, and search for missing warheads. while we go through questions and requests from Facebook friends, we watch the 1978 hit Halloween. Only we are watching it on youtube and it sounds like Loomis has been hittin’ the helium. Things get wild when I play the audio footage of the great Kit Kat debate of 2015. It took place between DJ Nasty Nat and myself on The Goddamn Dave Hill Show. DJ Nasty Nat is one half of Radio Tatas. And if the music or any of that don’t pique your interest.. THEN EAT ALL OF MY BALLS. Tune in at 9pm central on kaosradioaustin.org or download and listen at your leisure at the link below.

21 – el duces ghost 9-5-15 – mish mash return of sandeepants

  1. Jane’s Addiction – Ain’t No Right – Ritual de lo habitual
  2. Jay Reatard –  Let It All Go
  3. The Reatards – Memphis Blues – Teenage Hate
  4. The Bloodhound Gang – Ralph Wiggims – Hefty Fine
  5. The Cure – A Night Like This – The Head on the Door
  6. Wilco – Heavy Metal Drummer – Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
  7. Weezer – Susanne – Blue Album
  8. Greg Kihn band – Jeopardy (we watch the video, answer questions and narrate)
  9. Colin Newman – Alone – Colin Newman
  10. Animotion – Obsession – Animotion
  11. Southern Culture on the Skids – Camel Walk – Dirt Track Date
  12. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Susie Q – Chronicle, Vol. 1
  13. Rage Against The Machine – Bullet In The Head – Rage Against The Machine
  14. Soul Coughing – Down to This – Ruby Vroom
  15. Gigolo Tony – I Am Crack Cocaine – Ice Cold LP
  16. Boz Scaggs – Lido Shuffle – Silk Degrees
  17. Final Solutions – I Am The Now – My Love Is Disappointing EP
  18. The Goddamn Dave Hill Show Kit Kat Debate 2015 Clip
  19. Ghost – Ritual – Opus Eponymous
  20. Midnight – Woman of Flame – No Mercy For Mayhem
  21. Electric Wizard – Vinum Sabbathi – Dopethrone
  22. Angel Witch – Angel Witch – Angel Witch
  23. Easy Action – Worse For You – Friends of Rock and Roll

Author: Watty

Location: the Doom Room. Never family friendly. I am the three headed hydra of the apocalypse, lover of queso, friend of animals. Forever surly. I am the kitchen creeper. Kit Kat Savage. Sometimes I bite.