~re-run~ Episode 27 – El Duce’s Ghost – 3-12-16 Getting’ Wild With Sandeepants

reunited and it feeeeels so goooood. reunited ’cause we understoooood.. sandee makes a trip up to see yours truly and we get wild. not wild stallyns’ wild just regular wild. we also discover that aside from the kitchen creeper I am also watty ruiner of things (even though it was sandee that ruined ELO’s telephone line for me).

ep 27 gettin’ wild with sandeepants

  1. an obscene message
  2. blondie – parallel lines – hanging on the telephone
  3. mili vanili – girl you know it’s true – baby don’t forget my number
  4. elo – a new world record – telephone line
  5. ronnie dawson – just rockin’ and rollin’ – no dice
  6. bikini kill – the first two records – george bush is a pig
  7. the dicks – peace? – no fucking war
  8. scott reynolds – stupid world – today’s sermon Scott Reynolds bandcamp
  9. scott reynolds – stupid world – what happens when you die Scott Reynolds bandcamp
  10. pocket fishermen – paradise garage vol. 1 – we kill evil
  11. the doobie brothers – taking it to the streets – taking it to the streets
  12. the ugly beats – motor! – all comes back The Ugly Beats
  13. cherry glazerr – haxel princess – whites not my color this evening
  14. the jam – beat surrender – pretty green
  15. the zeros  – don’t push me around – don’t push me around
  16. the cure – staring at the sea – other voices
  17. mellow grave – smoke filled the room, we slept – burn one mellow grave
  18. white ring – black earth that made me – ixc999
  19. sidewalks and skeletons – white light – unearth
  20. alex chilton –  bach’s bottom – take me home and make me like it
  21. eyehategod – preaching the end time message – serving time in the middle of nowhere
  22. the pixies – troupe le monde – alec eiffel
  23. the theme from Webster

Author: Watty

Location: the Doom Room. Never family friendly. I am the three headed hydra of the apocalypse, lover of queso, friend of animals. Forever surly. I am the kitchen creeper. Kit Kat Savage. Sometimes I bite.