El Duce's Ghost 5-13-15 ep 18 kelleeee

5-13-15 ep 18 kelleeee - 119:17 minutes (109.2 MB)

Muh lil' sis in in tee-yown. Come listen to our frontier gibberish about our trip to South Padre Island and find out why I am the Kitchen Creeper. I'ma creepin' all up in yo kitchen, BITCH!


Sunken Lantern's Waltz 2015 episode 20 part 3

Sunken Lantern's Waltz show 20.3 2015 - 120:00 minutes (109.87 MB)

SLW 2013

Sunken Lantern's Waltz 2015 episode 20 part 2

Sunken Lantern's Waltz show 20.2 2015 - 120:00 minutes (109.87 MB)

SLW 2013

Sunken Lantern's Waltz 2015 episode 20 part 1

Sunken Lantern's Waltz show 20.1 2015 - 120:00 minutes (109.87 MB)

SLW 2013

Moshes Per Hour edition of Mosh Pit Hell by MPH with the Doormouse, DMF

Moshes Per Hour edition of Mosh Pit Hell - 119:59 minutes (109.85 MB)


MPH brings metal punk and hardcore into KAOS as the mosh pit hell with the doormouse. #MoshesPerHour vol. 3 features new stompers by Rolo Tomassi, Alesana, When Reasons Collapse, Skinless, listener shouts for Ion Dissonance, Car Bomb, A Day to Remember, Most Precious Blood, Hatebreed, Suffocation plus classics by Pantera, Biohazard, Converge, Glass Casket, Aborted, Cryptopsy, Walls of Jericho, From Autumn to Ashes, Martyr AD, Despised Icon plus much more. Learn some Mosh history, how to encourage the mosh with childrensdancefoundation.org and get your one-man pit going throughout the show and don't forget to follow at @MPHnoise on your fave SocNet so you don't end up missing pure headbanging.

Fatlaces Radio with the Superstardjs

Fatlaces R.I.P. PH/PumpkinHead - 120:01 minutes (109.88 MB)


This weeks show is tribute to the Late Great PumpkinHead aka PH! On Tuesday June 9, 2015 he passed away leaving behind his wife, two young men and a little girl on the way. For the first hour we will be playing cuts from a few of his records, various singles and his first songs that started his journey in recording on Makin records as well songs from the some of Makin records family! If you would like to help his family in his untimely passing you can go here:


Hard Corps 101

Hard Corps 101 - 120:30 minutes (110.33 MB)

Ummm yeah man, it's all good...

Break Down the Walls - A Replay Show by Ant Money

Break Down the Walls Episode 31 - April 11 2015 - 120:00 minutes (109.87 MB)


After a week of major issues with our house, Ant Money has to air a replay of our show from April 11, 2015. This was the first show of our all hardcore format for the month of and featured music by Terror, Throwdown, Remembering Never, The Banner, Bury Your Dead, The Acacia Strain, Too Pure To Die, Brother's Keeper, The Great Deceiver, and much more!

Connect with us at www.facebook.com/BDTWRadio to leave comments, shoutouts, and requests and we'll be back next week with an all new show!

Erroneous O'Shaughnessy Experience

Erroneous O'Shaughnessy Experience - 120:04 minutes (109.93 MB)



Adventures in Tacoland - 120:04 minutes (109.93 MB)

adventures in tacoland copy

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