The Michael Danger Show

The Michael Danger Show - 120:03 minutes (109.91 MB)

Danger Show

peppers before chorro

peppers before chorro - 120:04 minutes (109.93 MB)

Peppers Before Charlie

[Pushermania's Playlist] by [Matt Sonzala]

Pushermania's Playlist August 28, 2014 - 119:44 minutes (109.62 MB)

Pushermania's Playlist

Back Live on Radio KAOS It's Pushermania's Playlist

Wasted Hippie

Wasted Hippie - 120:03 minutes (109.91 MB)

hippie copy

Arabian Doomsday Device Mission pt 1 by mahalo martini hour

Arabian Doomsday Device Mission pt 1 - 59:48 minutes (54.75 MB)

Mahalo Girls

Selections from "Arabian Nights" by Husky and the Sandmen, "The Treblemakers vs the Doomsday Device" by the Treblemakers, and "Mission Exotica" by the Langhorns. It's all sealed with a kiss from Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited.

arabian doomsday device mission 2 by mahalo martini hour

arabian doomsday device mission 2 - 59:46 minutes (54.72 MB)

Mahalo Girls

The mission continues as The Man From Ravcon heads out on a Trip to the Morgue, followed by Husky and the Sandmen, The Treblemakers, and the Langhorns. Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited and Dan the Automator round out the hour.

Random Fits of Radio

Random Fits of Radio - 119:48 minutes (109.69 MB)

I hear radio waves in my head!!
random fits copy

Closet Redneck Hour

closet redneck hour - 59:57 minutes (54.89 MB)

Hillbilly fever goin' 'round!
closet redneck billy


DJ MOFO - 120:02 minutes (109.9 MB)

DJ MOFO SHow Cubes

The Smooth & Demented Show

The Smooth & Demented Show - 120:05 minutes (109.95 MB)

townes picks
"Insurgent country & Outlaw bluegrass" the second half music from a Texas legend. Townes Van Zandt

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