Hard Corps 101

Hard Corps 101 - 119:59 minutes (109.85 MB)

Kaos and anarchy, now there's something!
HC101BIOHAZ copy

Erroneous O'Shaughnessy Experience Love Letter to Prince

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Adventures in Tacoland - 120:03 minutes (109.91 MB)


ADVENTURES IN TACOLAND #40: FUNK IN THE TRUNK, RARE FUNK AND SOUL FROM MY 45s Tonight 7-9 PM Join me as i dig through the crates and bustr out the Rare Funk and Soul 45s from California, Florida, and the Midwest. Sit band and get groovy with me. Oh yeah!

Meat Man

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Meat Man slingin punk

Man Down

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Man Down Kids

Slaytoven 07/10/2014

Slaytoven 07/10/2014 - 120:01 minutes (109.89 MB)



The Michael Danger Show

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Danger Show 2

this is mania! #20 by shane bugbee

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This Is Mania

this is mania! #20 – WM3 west memphis three special, john mark byers, bruce sinofsky, joe berlinger

show#20 – john mark byers starts more unedited interviews from the footage we shot for the movie and book we produced, the suffering and celebration of life in america, this show starts as we hung out with john mark byers of west memphis three notoriety at his home, it was a trip and a half, the guy was very welcoming and what you’ll hear here is a scoop, we were the first to reveal this info – the info regarding terry hobbs as john mark byers suspects and the most likely suspect to have committed the crimes, we talk wm3 and smoke weed, we chat the paradise lost film makers joe berlinger & bruce sinofsky, john calling them jewboys, the mothers of the wm3 accused, devils knot book, mara leveritt, hbo, hob creating an event/rally so they could use it for their next hbo special, the hbo film makers buying an oz. of weed and rigging the receipts, creative editing of the hbo documentary, killing a deer with his hands and knife, prison life, shell schlock and ptsd, blood money, donations to the wm3 going to help with the documentary and a t-shirt guys appearance, pride and ego, eating crow. SEGMENT 2: we talk to the guy who made wm3 t-shirts to raise funds and ultimately those funds were handed back to him so he could fly in for the rally that seemed to be set up so hbo might film, even if the event was pure, giving funds raised for the accused sitting in prison just seemed wrong to me, I know if I was raising money for prisoners I would have never taken the money, I would have sent it direct to the prisoners with a letter telling them it was given back to me so I might fly in for an event… I’m betting they might not be cool with that, I don’t know, this just seemed odd and the reaction from the wm3 camp made me think my feeling of odd was justified.,, and beyond. SEGMENT 3: joe berlinger & bruce sinofsky, wm3, paradise lost filmmakers talk with me about john mark byers, how they decided to make their documentaries, metallica, cliff burton, I end the show with audio from the rally or event that seemed to only fulfill the hbo cameras, not that that is a bad thing, press is and was needed to fight that wm3 case… my beef is that if you’re going to do it, DO IT, the showing was pathetic, ver few folks turned out, so, it showed lazy intent… nothing I can respect.

peppers before chorro

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Peppers Before Charlie

Wasted Hippie

Wasted Hippie - 119:58 minutes (109.91 MB)


Wasted Hippie playlist for 07/09/2014

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