Meat Man

Meat Man - 119:59 minutes (109.85 MB)

Meat Man slingin punk

this is mania! #13 by shane bugbee

this is mania 13 - 120:01 minutes (109.88 MB)

This Is Mania

this is mania! #13 – more of my visit to the town that ran me out, here amy & I visit the goat farmer, pamalot, she shares one of the last ely elixir blueberry sodas known to man, my soda, the soda I created, we talk religion, christ and how spirituality isn’t religion and even more religion, gahndi and how he never rose from the dead, why we might have been run out of town. SEGMENT 2: we then visit the ely farmers market and run into bill roof, a guy who was my great pal until the shunning started, he’s a survivor and he does that by squatting the fence, he’s now running a sandwich truck and made a hell of a hot mess… sandwich, I can’t help but bring up the shunning, as I recall, I was looking for some additional footage/proof that the shunning happened, I did get that footage too. SEGMENT 3: is when I ran into mike hillman, one of the handful of dickheads that was instrumental in running amy and myself out of town, the cops were called and you’ll hear that too, one of the cops is a danzig fan, I know this because he showed up at our house once when we were getting extreme death threats, he saw a picture of danzig with amy and told us he was a huge fan of danzig… it was some sort of comfort as we were run out of town for being not of the norm.

Man Down

Man Down - 116:11 minutes (106.37 MB)

Man Down Kids


Slaytoven - 120:00 minutes (109.87 MB)


Coffee KAOS

The Michael Danger Show

The Michael Danger Show - 119:59 minutes (109.85 MB)

Danger Show

thirst slursday comes but once a month!

peppers before chorro

peppers before chorro - 120:02 minutes (109.9 MB)

Peppers Before Charlie

Fuck work!

High School Confidential

Wasted Hippie - 120:03 minutes (109.91 MB)


Wasted Hippie playlist for 04/02/2014

Closet Redneck Hour

closet redneck hour - 60:10 minutes (55.09 MB)

The green version! willy copy

absinthe and cigarettes gets april foolish!

absinthe and cigarettes - 120:03 minutes (109.91 MB)

Absinthe and Cigarettes - 11 pm

Mahalo Martini Hour: Clint Eastwood Hell

Clint Eastwood Hell - 60:08 minutes (55.06 MB)

Mahalo Clint Eastwood Hell

PLAYLIST: "Deguello", TWIN TONES - "La Escopeta del Diablo", THE MADEIRA - "Almoraima", 3 BALLS OF FIRE - "Ecstasy of Gold", (12:47) THE MAN FROM RAVCON - "Three Days From Durango", LOS CORONAS - "Hacha de Guerra", THE NEMATOADS - "Distant Drums" (21:17), EL SANTO NADA - "Gallinas y Legartos", LOS PLANTRONICS - "Black Cactus Stampede", LOS ACAPULCO - "Calaveras Del Justicio", (35:40) THE NEMATOADS - "Five Guns West", THE MADEIRA - "Intruder #1", "Intruder", THE MAN FROM RAVCON - "You'll Never Take Me Alive", (49:28) EL RAS - "The Spider", THE SUPERTONES - "Paladin", LOS PLANTRONICS - "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly"

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