Closet Redneck Hour

closet redneck hour - 60:00 minutes (54.93 MB)

Get your country fix today!! willy copy

absinthe and cigarettes

absinthe and cigarettes - 120:02 minutes (109.9 MB)

Absinthe and Cigarettes - 11 pm


DJ MOFO - 120:03 minutes (109.91 MB)

DJ Shadow Retrospective!

mahalo martini hour: rare and old school

rare and old school - 60:22 minutes (55.26 MB)

Mahalo Surfboards

Playlist: THE SCORPIONS - "Jungle Street", LINK WRAY - "Street Fighter", DICK DALE - "The Wedge", THE G-MEN - "Raunchy Twist", THE SURFMEN - "Ghost Hop", THE STRANGERS - "Rockin Rebel", THE STORMS - "Makin Out", THE LANCASTERS - "Earth Shaker" "Satan's Holiday", DAVIE ALLEN - "Beyond the Blue", "War Path", THE STRANGERS - "Boogey Man" "Young Maggie", THE SURFMEN - "The Breakers", "Casanova", THE STRANGERS - "A Lost Soul", THE PLAYBOYS - "The Scramble", THE STRANGERS - "Navajo", THE SURFMEN - "El Toro" "Malibu Run", THE STRANGERS - "Dance of the Ants", THE STORMS - "Shot Down", THE STRANGERS - "Hill Stomp" "Caterpillar Crawl", RAMRODS - "Ghost Riders in the Sky"

The Robot Overlord with El Demento

The Robot Overlord with El Demento - 120:01 minutes (109.88 MB)

Banjos, Blood and The Overlord: "Take me Festivaling" cried the Robot Overlord!

Featuring two albums full ...from the Black Lillies and Devil Makes Three

Mid-morning Mosh

Mid-morning Mosh - 120:03 minutes (109.91 MB)

mid-morning mosh headbangers

The Night People 04/07/2014_2

The Night People - 120:03 minutes (109.91 MB)

Featuring: Moss of Aura, Blue Daisy, Mo Kolours


The Night People 04/07/2014_1

The Night People - 120:01 minutes (109.88 MB)

Featuring: Tall Black Guy, Panacea, Solar Bears


MoshesPerHour edition of Moshpit Hell by MPH with the Doormouse, DMF

MoshesPerHour edition of Moshpit Hell - 119:45 minutes (109.63 MB)


MPH brings metal punk and hardcore into KAOS as the mosh pit hell with the doormouse. #MoshesPerHouse is a celebration of the breakdown in all it's glorious moshable forms asking the eternal question - where's your anger? where's your effin rage? From the pitworthy hardcore anthems to brutal cranium buster metalcore and everything in between... so let freedom ring with a shotgun blast of Machine Head, Vision of Disorder, Strife, Lamb of God, Your Memorial, Despised Icon, Disembodied, Remembering Never, Forthelofeof, Indecision and much more, so ask yourself, what would you die for? Help others day with and follow at @MPHnoise on your fave SocNet so you don't end up missing pure headbanging.

The Age of Headphones

Pink Manson Hawkwind Family - 180:40 minutes (165.41 MB)


I'm relaxing the rule regarding no lyrics to bring Manson Family: An Opera (65:38), selections from the first two Hawkwind albums (77:30), and the mostly instrumental songs from "A Saucerful of Secrets" by Pink Floyd (30:57). The whole thing winds up with "Anne Boleyn" by Rick Wakeman (6:36)

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