Black Bedtime Stories playlist for 04/06/2008

Learn about the history of crucifixion to the soothing sounds of Dark Funeral, Zyklon, Unearth, Neaera, Warbringer, Golers, Malevolent Creation, and more. Historical bits came from History Channel documentary entitled "Crucifixion." Due to the great transmigration of shows on cable tv, this documentary will air again someday, but if you can't wait I have added the link where you can purchase it. Check out the full playlist it has artists, song titles and links to bands.

South Austin Jug Band on the S & D Show

The South Austin Jug Band will make their second appearance on the S & D Show.

While James Hyland did a live set late last year, the full band hasn't been on KAOS since 2002!

The new SAJB CD "Strange Invitation" was just released April 1st. Check it out at

Tune in to what is sure to be a great show!


KAOS Benefit - Es ist mein Geburtstag!

KAOS Benefit @ Trailerspace Records!

1401 Rosewood

Ear Mutilating Music By

Naw Dude
Black Panda
Death Hell Battletank
Blood of Patriots
The Flood

B E E R & B A R B E C U E

Donations appreciated!

Hitler Pinata!

Take a swing at der Führer for sweet, sweet candy! Jews get first shot.

Welcome to KAOS, fuckers@*)@&!

Just in time for SXSW, KAOS is back and ready for blood! Butt-packed full of new features and extra-fancy Web 2.0 faggotry, our new site will give you more of what you want. Now you can have hot live chat with real DJs ready to play your favorite hits and finger your butthole. Can you dig it?!

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