absinthe and cigarettes

absinthe and cigarettes - 120:03 minutes (109.91 MB)

Absinthe and Cigarettes - 11 pm

Closet Redneck Hour

closet redneck hour - 59:56 minutes (54.87 MB)

Play a train song, pour me one more round!

The Smooth & Demented Show

The Smooth & Demented Show - 118:46 minutes (108.74 MB)

The new album from Joey Allcorn!


DJ MOFO - 120:04 minutes (109.93 MB)

Firestarter 82 a

Firestarter 82 in studio!

Asshole and a half Show

Asshole and a half Show - 115:38 minutes (172.6 MB)

Thanks for ten really kaotic years!


'Bye for now everybody, its been a blast, but we'll be back like a really bad yeast infection so don't you worry.

Colostomy Grab Bag of Fun

Colostomy Grab Bag of Fun - 120:02 minutes (109.9 MB)

Colostomy Grab Bag Records

started with napalm death, the cure, man or astro man, kreator and cut chemist.....tune in to see what else got pulled out of the bag

McKinleysPassingHurt edition of Mosh Pit Hell by MPH with the Doormouse, DMF

McKinleysPassingHurt edition of Mosh Pit Hell - 108:58 minutes (99.77 MB)


MPH brings metal punk and hardcore into KAOS as the mosh pit hell with the doormouse, dmf. #McKinleysPassingHurt is an assassination style mosh in memory of the 25th president. Blast your way through Lamb of God, Iron Maiden, the Black Dahlia Murder, Bad Religion, August Burns Red, Flash of Aggression, Bleeding Through, Heaven Shall Burn, Kaospilot, Cable, Peccatum, Dying Fetus, Sepultura, Byzantine and much more. Learn how it happened and what to do instead of turning to murder by Rocking the Vote and, of course, don't forget to follow @MPHnoise on your fave SocNet during the show so you don't end up missing pure headbanging!

FatLaces with the Superstardjs September 14th 2014

Fat Laces Radio - 120:01 minutes (109.88 MB)


Break Down the Walls - Show 7 by Ant Money in Chicago at Riot Fest

Break Down the Walls Episode 07 - September 13 2014 - 120:00 minutes (109.87 MB)


The Seventh episode of Break Down The Walls with Ant Money from September 13, 2014. On tonight's show Ant Money is remote from his hotel room in Chicago at Riot Fest! Catch music by 7 Angels 7 Plagues, From Autumn to Ashes, Dying Fetus, Ed Gein, Dynamis!, and many more!
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Hard Corps 101

Hard Corps 101 - 119:15 minutes (109.18 MB)

More Metal than a Steely Dan
hc101flame2 copy

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