The Age of Headphones

Study for Terry Riley Rainbow Evening Star - 179:50 minutes (164.65 MB)

The Age of Headphones - Into the Bunker with Tubular Bells

Klaus Schulze - Study for Terry Riley (5:12), Terry Riley - A Rainbow in Curved Air (40:28), Tangerine Dream - Perihelion (13:44), Klaus Schulze - Die Kunst, Hundert Jahre Alt Zu Werden (64:05), Eno/Fripp - Evening Star (48:08)

How Now Kow Tow? by Crumblestiltskin Gee

How Now Kow Tow? - 120:28 minutes (110.3 MB)

How Now?... Kow Tow?Small

this is mania! #10 by shane bugbee

this is mania 10 - 120:01 minutes (109.88 MB)

This Is Mania

this is mania! #10 – chicago poet sid yiddish and shannon saar join me for pizza at phil’s pizza on 35th street as I train thru chicago… we talk art and poetry, idol worship, how the youth doesn’t embrace their own generation, new media and the technological revolution, real books vs. ebooks and how the american revolution was won by printing press and not guns, pizza and the cultural ramifications, the psychology of soda pop, the shallowness of americans as pecked by europeans, pacific northwest being civil, weed brownies, art hustle, making art in this day and age vs the 80′s and 90′s, shannon’s comics, grammar running it’s course, words use and meaning, minnesota being the new arkansas, the art of arguing, living on the cloudy, rainy long beach peninsula, the weed brownies take hold and it’s all up hill… we hit the bus and further our conversation about my death and a street named bugbee, death, the exploitation of the dead artist and the importance of letting the artist know he’s respected while living… equality and could everyone have talent… white supremacist and where they live, trees, penises and vaginas and more portland chat…. we talk “it” too.

Slaytoven brings you another hot pile of funk & soul!!

Slaytoven 01/20/2011 7pm-9pm - 119:59 minutes (109.96 MB)

Slaytoven brings you another hot pile of funk & soul!!

Coffee KAOS

this is mania! #12 by shane bugbee

this is mania 12 - 120:04 minutes (109.92 MB)

This Is Mania

this is mania! #12 – I’m brave and I head to ely minnesota to help amy pack up her fathers place and visit my spiritual guide and great friend heart warrior chosa, one of the greatest artists, poets and philosophers I’ve ever met… it was so great to see her, rose blossom and her son, sunrise, re-listening to this, it is just great to hear her voice and intellect… we talk the environment, pineapple cake, my soda company, mike hillman one of the guys who helped run us out of town, hart warrior shows us her movie, one environment, native american life and obligation to turtle island, control of the culture controlled by pigs, religion, corporate control of the government, shitting in water, medication leeching into the water and eventually rain, regain, being a child of armageddon, plastic over use, neanderthals, the white devil, christianity plague, hopi teaching of the four worlds, druids, nimrods, russians, pubic hair, gals with beards and harry woman, taking the bar with out law school, more ely talk, soda pop poison, my personal evolution, fist fighting and biting a dudes tit off, more european neanderthal talk, promoting cripples and spirits wanting good bodies, planning to camp with heart warrior.

The Michael Danger Show

The Michael Danger Show - 120:04 minutes (109.93 MB)

Danger Show 2

[Pushermania's Playlist] by [Matt Sonzala]

Pushermania's Playlist March 13, 2014 - 119:44 minutes (109.62 MB)

Pushermania's Playlist


Wasted Hippie's Prog Spring

Wasted Hippie - 120:03 minutes (109.91 MB)

Wasted Hippie playlist for 03/11/2014

ill country variety hour

03-12-2014 - 60:04 minutes (54.99 MB)

Ill Country Variety Hour 2

IT WAS QUIET, RURAL, NOTHING ELSE HERE, BUT THEN...CAME THE FARM! playlist: MAD SIN - "Pig Farm", Carlos and the Banditos - "Stone Killer", Deadbolt - "The Day I Got My Spine Back", Ghoultown - "Mexican Moonshine", Devil Doll - "Liquor Store", Herman's Hermits - "Jezebel", The Flametrick Subs - "What Makes a Good Girl Go Bad?", Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures - "Macon County Morgue", Hillbilly Hellcats - "Dead Man's Party", Demented Are Go - "Bee Bop A Lula", Maryanne Faithful - "Why'd Ya Do It?", Skatenigs - "Hoosegow", Allman Brothers - "Whipping Post", Blondie - "For Your Eyes Only", Blue Oyster Cult - "True Confessions", B-52's - "52 Girls", Subhumans - "Til the Pigs Come Round"


DJ MOFO - 120:03 minutes (109.91 MB)


The Blood Royale, The Slizz, Signal Lost, Here Comes Trouble, World Burns To Death, Maelstrom, Doom Siren, Mayday, Condemned Unit, Suburban Terror Project, Pleasant Valley, Drain, Fuckemos, Cherubs, Johnboy, EMG, Lower Class Brats, Sparkle Motion, Miss Universe, Bitter Birds, Nazi Gold, The Black Angels, Starfish.

Locals only part 1

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