Chuckenstein's Monstrosity playlist for 09/13/2008

BelphegorIntro : Inflamte ChristianosLucifer Incestus
AbacinateShe Gave Up The GhostRuination
CopermesisMadMuay Thai Ladyboys
DaathOvumThe Hinderers
CatameniaClosed Gates of HopeLocayion : Cold
Arch EnemyLeader of the RatsAnthems Of Rebellion
GrimnessN.D.E.Increase Humanity Disgust
Cephalic CarnageEndless Cycle of ViolenceXenosapien
SuffocationTo Weep Once MoreSouls To Deny
1349Aiwass-AeonBeyond the Apocalypse
DarkthroneAlle Gegen AlleSardonic Wrath
WatianSworn the the DarkSworn to the Dark
ThirdmoonFractured AbandonmentBloodforsaken
BalrogWhere All Paths EndBestial Satanic Terror
Carpathian ForestIt's Darker Than You ThinkDefending the Throne of Evil
ObitusNow We're NothingThe March of the Drones
BelphegorDas Pesthaus / Miasma EpilogPestapokalypse VI
As The Sun SetsHay Is For Horses7744
The BerzerkerPure HatredDissimulate
Pig DestroyerLesser AnimalPhantom Limb
Show Me On The DollThe Whale SongPhilistine Manias Of The Evilly Deranged
Leng Tch'eThe Happy RetardManmadepredator
Rotten SoundSeedsMurderworks
IlldisposedWake Up DeadTheres Something Rotten
WeedeaterGimme Back My BulletsGod Luck And Good Speed
BongripperPart IVHate Ashbury
Electric WizardSatanic Rites of DrugulaWitchcult Today
A Storm Of LightVast & EndlessAnd We Wept The Black Ocean Within
IntronautNostalgic EchoVoid
5iveKettle CoveHesperus