To Express the Inexpressible

Free Jazz

Express Inexpressible.

Many bear the symbols but the devotees are few. Shoddy transcription leads to a harsh voice that seeks to argue but finds itself chanting in unison alongside the general mass. The ancient tongue that lurks within aortic bursts and crackling of synapses takes hold to make its voice heard- a language unheard for centuries. Its bestial cry howling, wailing; utterances that whisper into the ears of an unhearing populace, spilling secrets that hold no meaning for their recipients. The shrieks don't seem to stop. There is no end to the unfurling of age-old recipes for life and living that spew violently as bile onto the laps of those who are ill-equipped to grasp their meaning. The yawp that seeks to make itself known is treated as severed vocal chords. In the deafening silence, the screaming never stops.