Tangerine Dream live in Croyden 1975 & Klaus Schulze circa 71! The Age of Headphones 1 am til...

The Age of Headphones Bootleg Treasure

The first hour is Tangerine Dream live in Croyden 1975, from the Bootleg Box Set which consists of 7 discs of 5 concerts played 1974-75. The Croyden performance extracts musical passages of the Ricochet live album (essentially for Ricochet Part 2). This is TD at their height, their classic line-up and most inspired performances. The recording here is one of the best in the bootleg set.
The second hour is "Die Kunst, Hundert Jahre alt zu Werden", a Klaus Schulze studio recording from 1971, which was released in 2009 on La Vie Electronique part 1.

128k - http://kaosradioaustin.org:8959/kaos-128.m3u