THE GOO 09: "Hey You, Down There!" by DJ Stephy B

THE GOO 09: "Hey You, Down There!" with DJ Stephy B.

One hour of bouncy and bizarre new wave and electronic music.


Hypnosis by Positive Noise (Scotland, 1981)
Long For The Touch by Vlis (Netherlands, 198?)
#7 by Polyrock (NY, 1980)
Black Sand by Bound & Gagged (Boston, 1981)
T.V. ME by The Distributors (UK, 1979)
The Clown Has Found Me by Psyclones (San Francisco, 1985)
Orange Coma by Movita (UK, 1982)
Dig Dig Dig by Dig Dig Dig (UK, 1981)
Arab O Habab of Arabia by Amos And Sara (UK, 1982)

I've Been Used by St. Vitus Dance (UK, 1982)
Moroccan Roll by Naffi (UK, 1982)
Man and Boy by Art Bears (U.K., 1979)
Mr X Meets Contra by De Fabriek (Netherlands, 1982)
Nur Bei Nässe by Siluetes 61 (Germany, 1980)
During by Your New Friends (?, 1986)
Sandcastles by Beasts in Cages (UK, 1981)
No, Nothing, Never by Dark Day (NY, 1980)

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