Saturday Night Drunk Club playlist for 06/30/2012

Jag PanzerLicensed To Kill
AcceptHung, Drawn and Quartered
TankTurn Your Head Around
Running WildMordor
Armored SaintLong Before I Die
Fifth AngelCall Out the Warning
SatanTrial By Fire
Death AngelSeemingly Endless Time
AnthraxI Am the Law
Sacred ReichThe American Way
Metal ChurchTon of Bricks
RageMake My Day
OnslaughtFight With the Beast
ForbiddenStep By Step
Flotsam And JetsamHammerhead
XentrixDesperate Remedies
Sentinal BeastDogs of War
Lazarus A.D.Thou Shall Not Fear
Dark AngelHunger of the Undead
AssassinFight (To Stop The Tyranny)
SarcofagoScreeches From the Silence
Demolition HammerParacidal Epitaph
Blood TsunamiCastle Of Skulls

American Heavy Metal Weekend!!!