Eluding the Lengthened Shadow playlist for 06/22/2012

David BowieAll The Madmen
Brig Oubridge (Traveller & Environmentalist)on the beginning of the Free Festivals
Alan 'Tash' Lodgeon the beginning of the Free Festivals
Bill 'Ubi' Dwyer (organiser of Windsor Free Festival)response to BBC News regarding illegality of Free Festivals
Brig Oubridge (Traveller & Environmentalist)on Free Festivals as a political statement
Planet GongStoned Innocent Frankenstein
Wallyon the life of Wally Hope
HawkwindHigh Rise
Mark Wilson (The Mob)on childhood & Stonehenge
Planet Gong + Here & NowFloating Anarchy
Mark Wilson (The Mob)on the Floating Anarchy Tour
Here & NowAddicted
Mark Wilson (The Mob)on meeting Here & Now
The MobCrying Again
Mark Wilson (The Mob)on influential bands with the Free Festivals
Alternative TVAction Time Vision
Brig Oubridge (Traveller & Environmentalist)on the Convoy
The FallWrong Place, Right Time
Anonymous Travelleron society's response to New Age Travellers
Chief Constable Of Wilshireon attitude towards New Age Travellers
Anonymous Travelleron society's response to New Age Travellers
The Pop GroupWe Are All Prostitutes
Mark Wilson (The Mob)on Magnum Force
Siouxsie & The BansheesPremature Burial
Mark Wilson (The Mob)on musical heroes
The SlitsDifficult Fun
Mark Wilson (The Mob)more on musical heroes
George McKay (Professor of Cultural Studies)on squatting
The MobYouth
Mark Wilson (The Mob)on starting Brougham Road Co-Op
The Apostles62 Brougham Road
Mark Wilson (The Mob)on personalities of squats
Flux Of Pink IndiansTaking A Liberty
Mark Wilson (The Mob)on factionalism
The MobGates Of Hell
CrassHow Does It Feel
Brig Oubridge (Traveller & Environmentalist)on the eviction of squats
The ReviewEngland's Glory
Mark Wilson (The Mob)on All The Madmen fanzine & record label
Hysteria WardPeace Song
Stef Pickles (Traveller)on discovery of Travelling Community
The MobWitch Hunt
George McKay (Professor of Cultural Studies)on travelling
Anonymous Travelleron travelling as a community
The MobCry Of The Morning
Mark Wilson (The Mob)on modern politics & the Tribe
The MobAnother Day Another Death (under Mark Wilson- on All The Madmen Records' rebirth)
The MobNo Doves Fly Here

Mark Wilson- singer of the anarcho-punk band THE MOB!
Bands of the FREE FESTIVAL in Britain!