Saturday Night Drunk Club playlist for 06/23/2012

The Boneless OnesGive It To YouSkate For The Devil
Negative ApproachFriend Or FoeTied Down
LudichristBlown Into The Arms Of ChristImmaculate Deception
Fearless Iranians From HellDie For AllahDie For Allah
HeresyFinal Hour
LeewayTools For WarBorn To Expire
D.R.I.Arguement Than WarDealing With It
Sudden ImpactTo Our Glorious DeadNo Rest From The Wicked
Gang GreenBombKing Of Bands
Death In ActionToxic WasteToxic Waste
Verbal AbuseRatt PakkRocks Your Liver
S.O.D.Kill YourselfSpeak English Or Die
Christ On A CrutchParanoid World VisionCrime Pays When Pigs Die
Blunt Force TraumaBrutal Fucking TruthHatred For The State
A.N.S.Goon Destroyer / S.F.Y.The Process Of Stoking Out
ProngDreams Likee ThatPrimitive Origins
ExcelYou're FiredThe Joke's On You
Anti-ToxinThe Enemy Is YouThe Enemy Is You
Cerebral FixLife SucksLife Sucks...And Then You Die!!!
AcrophetForgotten FaithCorrupt Minds
D.B.C.Public SuicideDead Brain Cells
Hell's KitchenWorld Of SinIf You Can't Take The Heat
SlapshotNation Of HateSudden Death Overtime
IronchristWhite PlagueGetting The Most Out Of Your Extinction
MaceChoose Your GodThe Evil In Good
Rostok VampiresMiseryMisery
Soziedad AlkoholikaComo Una MierdaSoziedad Alkoholika
AversionLet It GoFit To Be Tied
BonesawWe Won't Be SilencedWritten In Stone
Death ThreatDead At BirthPeace and Security
Death In CustodyThe Hate Continues
26 BeersThe Mexican Drinking Song26 Beers
Hot Buttered AnalScrewdriver LovePlease Kill Me
Cross ExaminationArson Party SquadMenace II Sobriety
ArmagedomSem ControleSem Esperancas
Birth A.D.Kill EverybodyStillbirth of a Nation
HellmouthCrooked TeethDestroy Everything, Worship Nothing

Hardcore and Crossover, bitches!!