THE GOO 08: "Inside the Zoo" by DJ Stephy B

THE GOO 08: "Inside the Zoo" with DJ Stephy B.

One hour of deranged and depraved new wave & post punk.


Never Think Of It by Vlis (Netherlands, 198?)
Shut Your Face by Polyrock (NY, 1980)
It's All In The Past Now by A1 Vegetables (U.K., 1982)
Rockin' Roll' Rhythms by Psy 231 (U.K., 1988)
When Father Papered The Parlour by The Very Things (U.K., 1985)
Rohkost by Belastungsprobe (Germany, 1981)
I Hate America by The Work (U.K., 1981)
Coyote by Roy G. Biv (Amsterdam, 198?)
The Slave by Art Bears (U.K., 1979)
Open Commune by The Pinkies (U.K., 1981)
Degenerated Man by Pink Military (Liverpool, 1980)
Die Haut Der Frau by Pyrolator (Germany, 1981)
Words Can't Say by Psyclones (California, 1988)
Visitors by Shrinking Men (U.K., 1982)
Great Minds by Coolies (NY, 1980)
Party Mood by Out on Blue Six (UK, 1981)

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