Vomit Pinata playlist for 04/26/2012

ANTIi don't wanna die in your wari don't wanna die in your war
Baba Yagastoner bitchtaker of souls (1998)
Black Deaththe scream of the iron messiahblack death
Reagan Youthin dog we trustdemos
Darkthronehigh on cold wartoo old too cold 7"
Ghoulno slave on earthgame of death (comp)
Ludichristmost people are dicks (take 2)demo 1985
Melvinswith teethlysol
Dantalion's Chariotworld war III
Black Randy and the Metro Squadi wanna be a narkpass the dust, i think i'm bowie
Crosstown Busenchanted islandthew psychedelic experience vol. 3
Erkut Tackinbabasingles
Fallen Angelssomething new you can hide in
Runawaysamerican nights
The Modern Loversdignified & oldlive
Muddy Watersi got my brand on youat newport 1960
Neil Youngfor the turnstileson the beach
Pajowhere eagles darescream with me (9-song 12" all misfits covers)
Roky Ericksonbloody hammerthe evil one
Skullevil hordesbeer, metal, spikes
Sodomoutbreak of evilthe sign of evil
Sextrashdelirium tremenssexual carnage
the Sexualcrime of sexual
the Small Facesown up time
The Smithsshoplifters of the world
Gil-Scott Heronthe revolution will not be televisedpieces of a man
Desmond Dekker & the Acesshanty townrude boy ska
James Brownking heroin
Champion Jack Dupreeevil woman
leroy carr & scrapper blackwellpapa wants to knock a jug