THE GOO 04: "Being an Intellectual" by DJ Stephy B

the goo 04

THE GOO 04 - "Being an Intellectual" with DJ Stephy B.

One hour of brainy new wave, synth punk and noisy riffage. Weekly mix airs Tuesdays 6-7PM on


Raum - Grauzone
Luce - Tasaday
Dance II - Magic
Onion Chant - Alan Watts
Track 20 - Shut Up
A Sob Story - Renaldo & the Loaf
Learn Greek in Greece - Otto Kentrol
(please) FIX MY HORN (my brakes don't work) - Pere Ubu
Being An Intellectual - Pliny The Elder
Gleði - Purrkur Pillnikk
Rasputin - CCCP-TV
Knives - The Work
Irriter les Esprits - Chbb
New New - DNA
Let's Go To The Movies - The Tom & Marty Band
Ahoi, Nicht Traurig Sein - Palais Schaumburg
Death Valley '94 - Bugskull

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