THE GOO 02 - "Donkey Walk" by DJ Stephy B

the goo 02

THE GOO 02 - "Donkey Walk" with host DJ Stephy B. One hour of wiggly, wobbly zolo music theory.

Fun - Scattered Order
Aqualife - P-Model
Thank You For Sending Me An Eno - Mock Turtle
Pelican - Wild West
That's Why - Social Climbers
Smog Heaven - 700 Club
Just Trying to Be in the 20th Century - Mannequin
Mole Machine - Simply Saucer
Party Boys - Christian Lunch
We Don't Sleep Together - Felix Culpa
Simple Machines - Dancing Cigarettes
The The - The The
My Cherry Is in Sherry - Ludus
Snakes Crawl - Bush Tetras
Dancing Underneath - Method Actors
Gillmore of the Fillmore - Indoor Life
Factory - People In Stores
Buffalo - Stump

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