Fatlaces playlist for 03/03/2012

1. ShowBiz and A.G. Next Level
2. Jeru the Damja-The Prophets
3. Big Sean-Two Can
4. Bishop Lamont with Busta-You ain't freash
5. Lil Fame-Misery
6. Brother Ali-Writers Block
7. Mad Flava-Bump ya head
8. 3rd Bass-Wordz of wisdom
9. Mirage and Young Nick-Rock and Roll Remix
10. Grant Parks-Say Whatever
11. Paula Perry-Paula"s Jam
12. Bumpy Knuckles-We are at war
13. KRS1 -MC's act like they don't know
14. Trouble Neck Brothers -Back to the hiphop
15. Troy Ave-Home Team
16. UTD-Manifest Destiny
17. Tribe Called Quest-Mind Power remix
18. Das Efx-Real hiphop
19. Rakwon with Busta-MTV Cribs
20. Planet Asia with DooWop-Leather and Goose
21. Chipp the Ripper with Krayzie Bone-Stay Sleep
22. Marly Marl with Mike Nice-Cheatin days are over
23. QuestionMarkAsylum-Look Away
24. Big K.R.I.T.-Boobie Miles
25. 40 Gloc-21 gun salute
26. Rass Kass-Home Sweet Home
27. Truck North
28. Fokis with Living Proof and Sadat x-Lyrical homicide
29. Kings of Swing-This is the way we rock
30. Bushwackas-Caught up in the game
31. Illegal-Back in the day rowdy remix
32. Erick Sermon with 50Cent and Keith Murray-Headgames