In The Last Throws Of Resistance playlist for 03/31/2011

D.R.I.thrashhardThrash Zone
Adrenalin O.D.Pope On A RopeHumungousfungusamongus LP
Anti-SystemRhetorical StagnationAnti-System
Anti-SystemThe End Was InevitableAnti-System
U.S. ChaosDon't Wanna LiveU.S. Chaos 7"
ZoundsCan't Cheat Karmacan't cheat karma
uk subsi live in a car
the stainsborn to die
lack of knowledgeWe're looking for peoplethe Grey CD
lack of knowledgeWeapons Rangethe Grey CD
Part 1Black MassPictures Of Pain MLP
The FreezeTalking Bombsthe bloodlights tracks
D.R.I.Kill The WordsThrash Zone
Dead Silenceenergy wastedthere's a method to our madness
InstigatorsFull CircleFull Circle/The Sleeper
Adrenalin & BeerHumungousfungusamongus LP
Peter & The Test Tube BabiesBanned From The Pubs3 X 45
Black FlagTV PartyTV Party
The StrapsNo LiquorBrixton
F-Word!Shut DownShut Down b/w Out There/Government Official
Dead Boyssonic reducerYoung, Loud And Snotty
OffendersLost CausesWe Must Rebel
Adolescentswelcome to realitywelcome to reality
The MobThe Mirror BreaksThe Mirror Breaks
the MobNo Doves Fly Here
AntisectYet They Still IgnoreIn Darkness, There Is No Choice
Sham 69Hey Little Rich Boy
N.O.T.A.Justice In America
Black FlagMy Rules
Detox5) Submerge
Dr. KnowdeprogramBurn 7"
Dr. Knowthese pressuresBurn 7"
ConflictA Message To WhoAgainst All Odds
SNFULoser At Life/Loser At Death...And No One Else Wanted To Play
ZoundsWarcan't cheat karma
ZoundsSubvertcan't cheat karma
Crimpshrineeasy answersquit talkin claude ep
Crimpshrineinspirationquit talkin claude ep