In The Last Throws Of Resistance playlist for 03/24/2011

Butthole SurfersSea Ferringrembrant pussyhorseTouch and Go
AntischismFailsafestill lifePrank records
Schwartzeneggargood bye to all thatGoodbye To All That / Child Of The Times
Locustfollow the flocksplit w/ jenny piccolo
Antischismpets or meatstill life
Antischismgreedy bastardsstill lifePrank records
Bury The Livingi hopeAll the News That Fit To Scream
Bury The Livingof god and countryPrank records
nauseacybergodcybergod 7"
Butthole Surfers22 going on 23Locust Abortion TechnicianTouch and Go
spazzelder mutant stompspazz / monster x split
SakéThe DesertSaké 7"
EcocideRed As Fault-4Ecocide LP
kakistocracyAn ApologyAn Apology
mk-ultrai won't let the assholes winlos crudos / mk-ultra splitLeguna Armada
Butthole Surfershey
Butthole Surfershuman cannonball
Tit WrenchJuly 4thTwo Dogs
Tit WrenchDeal
AbruptNatural SelectionMy CremortoriumBurnt Bridges
AbruptMy CremortoriumMy Cremortorium
.fuckingcomStolen Time.fuckingcom
SpazzAngle Crisp
Extinction of MankindBlood and tears
AntischismScream / Violent world
Rudimentary PeniRadio SchizoDeath Church
Rudimentary PeniHappy Farm
Sake'OniSaké / Submission Hold - split lp
EcocideThere Is No BeautyDemo-words break boundries like roots breaking thru concrete
Appalachian Terror UnitGreenwashinggreenwashing
Dissystemaafter the storm
DissystemaAsh And Sootthe silent earth
Miserywhos the foolwho's the fool

Egyptian Protest 2