Busted! - 95.9 FM gets shut down by the FCC

Photos and video courtesy of Austin Airwaves.

I got a call from my roommate about an hour before the end of my shift. Well, looks like Uncle Fred decided to come pay us a visit. I finished up at work and on the way home called Austin Airwaves to come out and record the incident. I drove by the house and parked down the street. One of the DJs who had been in the studio when they arrived came out and told me what the situation was. Apparently they showed up with two APD officers, walked right in the gate past the No Trespassing sign, and started questioning people, asking for IDs and making vague threats about a $10K fine. The APD officers got bored and left after about 30 minutes. My roommate turned off the transmitter when he got home, but wouldn't let them go in the house. They had been there for about two hours when I finally showed up. As you can see from the video, we had a very pleasant and informative chat about unlicensed operation.

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