This Is Our Music playlist for 06/22/2010

13th Floor Elevatorsfire engine (with interview)tracks 1-3 recorded live 3/25/66 for the "sump'n else" show WFFA-TV studio 3 dallas tx. tracks 4&5 same info but 5/9/66
you really got me
roll over beethoven
mercy mercy
13th Floor Elevatorsyou're gonna miss meHeadstone- the contact sessions side 1(tracks 6-16 were recorded in 1966 for Contact Records and intended for release as their 1st album.the band was busted for possession & the album was shelved. here it is. you're welcome.)
tried to hide
everybody needs somebody to love
take that girl
you can't hurt me anymore
i'm gonna love you too
13th Floor Elevatorsmonkey islandHeadstone-the contact sessions side 2
roller coaster
now i'm home (splash 1)
where am i? (thru the rhythm)
fire engine
13th Floor Elevatorswe've gotta get out of this placelive at La Maison, houston, tx. summer 1966 NOT included on the "sign of the three eyed men" box set. sound quality fluctuates between "poor" and "fucking terrible" on this one, but hey, now you can say you heard it.
13th Floor Elevatorsbefore you accuse metracks 18-20 recorde live in san francisco1966 sound quality hovers around "barely acceptable". just keep in mind kids, in 1966 they didn't even have the technology to do soundboard live recordings...
you don't know
the word
13th Floor Elevatorskingdom of heaventracks 21-23 live in texas 1967. the sound quality substantially improves on these recordings. lucky you.
she lives (in a time of her own)
reverberation (doubt)
the Spadeswe sell soulearly version of don't fall down. B-side of the you're gonna miss me 7". Roky's pre-elevators band
13th Floor Elevatorsfire in my bones"easter everywhere" outtake
slip inside this housesingle edit
radio spotbull of the woods
13th Floor Elevatorswait for my lovebull of the woods sessions. included on the Intrnational Recods label comp "epitaph for a legend" 1980.
Roky Erickson & Clementine Hallright track now
13th Floor Elevators(it's all over now) baby bluealbum version. still... something special to behold.