sir armadildo ventriloqueef playlist for 03/27/2010

MorticianThree On A Meathook
Infectious GroovesViolent And Funky
PusciferCuntry Boner
PrimusCamelback Cinema
The Blood BrothersThe Salesman,Denver Max
Genghis TronDance,Laser Bitch (Demo)
Brutal TruthBubblebop Shop (Boredoms Cover)
Green JelloCereal Killer
ConvergeMy Unsaid Everything
CoalesceMouth Breather (The Jesus Lizard Cover)
CathedralNight Of The Seagulls
Nuclear RabbitLet's Dig Him Up And Shit On Him
Napalm DeathPuritanical Punishment Beating
JuciferShe Tides The Deep
My Life With The Thrill Kill KultThe Days Of Swine And Roses
Acid BathCassie Eats Cockroaches
The Postman SyndromeAmputees Make Bad Swimmers
NeurosisThe Doorway
Child AbusePenal Jihad
TestamentDog Faced Gods
DialAlways At The Border
Made Out Of BabiesGut Shoveler
Mod Flanders ConspiracyBill Nye The Science Guy Makes Me Wanna Cut Myself
Iron MonkeyCornucopia (Black Sabbath Cover)
The SwordMarch Of The Lor