Texas Chili Show playlist for 05/23/2009

Star Trek: DS9sample
Flametrick SubsDeep In the Heart of Texas
The Toy Dolls500 Miles
South ParksamplesThe Mystery of the Urinal Deuce
FuckEmo'sTurn to Stone
World Burns To DeathCurse Them All
Koffin KatsChainsaw Massacre
OklahomosHomo Esta
Me First and the Gimme GimmesI Get Around
Charlie's Holy Happy HourServant Girl Annihilator
Gun Totin Meat EatersLife of Crime
Knocked Out StiffsEmpty Pools Rule
Root 23Green Acres
DicksPigs Run Wild
Barnyard BallersGodboy
LivendsNight Breed
The MeteorsLittle Red Riding Hood
NekromantixSurvive or Die
The Cramps96 Tears
Lower Class BratsPsycho
KlingonzToo Drunk To Fuck
Demented Are GoBe Bop a Lula
BatmobileBurning Love
VandalsSummer Lovin
Wayne Gacy TrioSteppin Stone
Drop Kick MurphysNew American Way
Koffin KatsVampire's Curse
Hayseed DixieBig Balls
Road RageWhen We Were Boys
AirbombTurn It Off
Hillbilly HellcatsWhite Trash
Luxurious PanthersJD
Brewtality Inc.Fuck Police Authority
The QuakesKilling Moon
East Side SuicidesJusta Lookin
BatmobileI Saw Her Standing There
AsmodeusLast Caress
CenobitesDark Secret
Brain FailureThat's What I Know
12 Step RebelsGraveyard Rockin
Family GuyFCC Song
The RamonesWe Want the Airwaves

Chili Pepper

"It will be 9-11 all over again." --Cartman
"Who made dookie in the urinal?" --Mr. Mackey